As promised, I have uploaded all photos taken by the photographer, which you can find in our 2016 Pictures Album.


In 2006, in what can only be called a “labour of love”, Arnie began the monumental task of restoring the Farmall CUB, the first Gjertsen tractor originally purchased and owned by Bestefar back in 1953.

It has come such a long way from being a working farm’s only tractor, doing all of the big lifting around Bestefar and Bestemor’s Farm on 267th St in Aldergrove. It plowed fields, mowed hay, hauled loads of hay bales with children and dusty workers onboard, sawed many cords of firewood, and much more. In September of 1972 Arnie purchased a green machine, and the role of the Cub changed. It joined the ranks of the semi-retired, was used less-and-less often, and eventually it stopped working completely. Now, after many years of TLC it sits in all its glory at Arnie and Marion’s home as impressive and marvelous as the first day Bestefar brought it home. It is now part of a collection of farm equipment that would make Bestefar shake his head for sure!

If you want to see the CUB, restored to its pride and glory, along with the other tractors that share the same home address, please join us at Arnie and Marion’s home to share stories and memories with family and friends. We plan to play some non-Olympic games, have a few eats and treats, and hopefully a good time!

We are hoping to have a photographer on-site to help document the reveal of the CUB and we fully plan to share these pictures with everyone invited. Should you be camera shy, please let us know and we will do our best to help you avoid the paparazzi! If you have folding lawn chairs that you could bring that would be great.